Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept & how does Whosabi work?
Whosabi is a Gaming Platform where you earn money by taking simple quizzes, answering questions, competing with others, and inviting others.

Are there any membership fees to become a member of Whosabi?

There are no membership fees and it is absolutely free to join.

How do I take a quiz?

Visit the games page to see a list of available quizzes and their details. Click on PLAY QUIZ, the quiz entry fee will be deducted from your wallet balance. You’ll also see the quiz duration, you cannot take the quiz more than once. Ensure you have time to finish and also good internet. Your score will be available on your profile page once you are done with the page.

What are the rules for taking a quiz?

  1. Quiz can only be taken once
  2. Quiz cannot be paused. Once it’s started, you must finish
  3. Quiz will automatically submit once time elapses.
  4. Quiz will automatically submit if you minimize the browser or leave the tab.

When can I withdraw?

You must have at least ₦3,500 to be eligible for withdrawal. Withdrawals are possible anytime, any day and you will be credited within 24 hours after your request.

How do I earn?

There are 3 ways to earn:

  1. By joining the daily challenge
  2. By taking quizzes
  3. By referring your friends

Can I play multiple quizzes?

You can play as many quizzes as possible as long as your wallet balance is sufficient.

Can I play a quiz more than once?

You should see the Max Plays of a quiz on the quiz page. Typically, you can take a quiz just once.

How long does it take to process withdrawals?

Typically, you should receive a credit alert within 48 hours.

How do I fund my wallet?

Click on ‘buy points‘, enter the amount, you will be redirected to Flutterwave to make the payment. You will be required to enter your card details on Flutterwave after which the specified amount will be debited. Once successful, you will be redirected to our website and your wallet is funded with the deposited amount.