WHOSABI Registration FAQS

If you have some questions or have any issues related to how to register WhoSabi, then you could check out this section below where I share all I know about WHOSABI registration.

Hopefully you’d be able to get some of your questions answered and doubts cleared just before registering into the Whosabi platform.

So here we go;

Is Registration on WHOSABI free?

No, it costs N1800 to register and earn.

Is Whosabi a registered website?

yes, WhoSabi is a registered website, in fact the owner of the site is a registered company so yes, the site is registered and Legit.

Can I register without a referral?

I don’t understand why you don’t want to use a referral while registering on the whosabi platform.

You need to note that you registering under a referral does not remove anything from you or your account.

It actually rewarding the person that referred you N1000.

So it’s ok if you use someone’s referral link to register on WhoSabi.

But just incase you don’t want to register with a referral, then there are no problems at all.

My whosabi account couldn’t register, Why?

If you are having any issues with the whosabi registration then its probably because

  • your network connection is slow or bad

Is registration to join WhoSabi still on?

Yes, the WhoSabi registration is still on and will be on as far as the website is live.

So no need to panic, just go and register an account.

How to purchase coupon code for whosabi registration?

Do you want to purchase coupon code for WhoSabi registration, then you can go ahead, first click here and then click on the number to contact an agent, it will take you directly to the coupon code distributor and they will sell the coupon for you to complete your WhoSabi account registration.

How can one register another person in WhoSabi platform?

Well, its very simple to register another person into the WhoSabi platform. Be it your;

  • Relative
  • Friend
  • Family, etc…

What you need to do is to go into your WhoSabi dashboard, and click on the earnings tab to get your referral link.

When you get that link, just send it to them and they will follow it to register.

Once they are done with the WhoSabi registration and paid their N1,800 you will be credited with your N1000 easily and fast.

You can as well register them yourself, just get your referral link from your dashboard, paste it into a browser and register.

That’s it.

How can someone outside nigeria register on WhoSabi Platform?

That same method you used to register for a friend, all simple and fast

Does WhoSabi require you to register someone under you?

Well, this is not necessary but Whosabi pays members who bring others under them more quickly.

So if you want to get paid super fast, then I suggest you have atleast 2 people who registered via your referral link.

When does WhoSabi pays ?

We pay Daily with Minimum of ₦5,000 daily. We pay within 24hrs of Request.

How do I Withdraw my Earnings on WhoSabi

Referral earnings can be withdrawn anyday, anytime through wallet on your dashboard
While activities earnings can be withdrawn every 2 weeks or monthly  through activities form on your Dashboard.

What’s activation code ?

Activation code is a E-pin or Voucher used for registration..

When you use a activation code to register your prospect you will automatically get your referral bonus.